We were lucky enough to be asked to produce the latest music video for To Kill A King, for their new track; Love Is Coal. The director came to our office for an initial meeting to brief us on his concept for the video; a one shot, lyric based video that involved speed ramps, a non-linear timeline, a constantly changing depth of field and two girls going to bed…


Logistically speaking, the video required a military level of planning, and a fair bit of luck to pull off.  We had to contend with lighting casting shadows that would reveal the camera man, reflections in mirrors / windows, and timing issues to get the lyrics synced. Obviously these problems become amplified when you're shooting a one shot take.

To give you an idea of the planning that went into the movement paths throughout the flat, here is one of many diagrams that were made prior to shooting:


We shot on the miniature powerhouse that is the Panasonic GH4. We rigged it up to a steady-cam set up and used a remote follow focus while streaming directly to an iPad to pull focus from afar. 


All in all, after a day of endless failures and near wins, we got the perfect take. It was a pleasure to work with these guys and we even got invited back to shoot their next music video the week after.

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