Feb 2019 @ Rise Media

Here’s a summary of the projects we’ve been working on this month… For regular updates, follow us on Insta! @risemediauk


Our team of 8 camera ops, editors and producers got a taste of the Breakfast Show life with a week of 3.30am starts, covering Chris Evans’ return to @virginradiouk. ⠀

We were on location in London all week, shooting the live music sets and celebrity guest interviews, then editing highlights on site for social content. It was a hugely rewarding experience to get a sneak peak into the world of live radio and an opportunity to take something traditionally audio-based and turn it into a visual experience.

Video production agency in London filming Chris Evans radio
Video production agency in London
Video production company in London filming Chris Evans radio


If you’re not good with heights, this property might not be the best investment for you, but we have to say, the view from this £14,000,000 apartment was pretty impressive - not to mention the interiors.

Shooting an apartment within one of the most expensive properties in the UK was definitely a job for our trusty RED. Using the fantastic HDRX technique we are able to expose perfectly for both inside and outside the apartment, capturing the interiors and amazing views as one.



Regular client Hearst UK has commissioned us to create a film that captures the combines essence of each of their global brands.

Using a combination of animation and events footage for brands like Esquire, Harpers Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, we showed the excitement and energy that Hearst Magazines inspire in their diverse global audience.

Destination Hearst 3.jpg


Inspried by the vibrant colours of Croydon’s street art scene, we’ve been experimenting with bold colours and saturation in our social media posts.


This month the Rise family expanded by 1! Massive congrats to Mark and V and their brand new baby girl, Annie Severus R3D Dragon Lunt. After decades of friendship we can safely report that Mark's going to be an amazing Dad, and the rest of us will be reasonably reliable babysitters and mentors.

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